About Us

Who are we?

Egg Donation South Africa (EDSA) was established in 2007, and was the first egg donor agency of its kind in South Africa. In 2017 we were happy to launch Donating Eggs South Africa (DESA), to specifically see to the needs of our egg donors. The organisation is run by an experienced group of professionals, each of whom is highly experienced in the field of IVF. The team has a practical approach to the services they provide, but at the core of the group is a strong belief that the technical side of the work must be balanced with humanity and the desire to serve people in the best possible way. Our team prides itself on the exceptional level of service that is offered, and aims to always give ample care to each recipient and donor.

At DESA, and our parent company EDSA we aim to provide a service that is efficient, as well as effective. We are focused on making egg donation a rewarding and fulfilling experience for our cherished egg donors

Meet the team

Kimenthra Raja, runs the organisation. Qualified with a Masters degree in Reproductive Biology, and with over 20 years of experience in the field, she provides exceptional guidance as well as a pragmatic approach.

Kinny Ramoeng manages our egg donors. She always takes time to get to know each individual donor, helping to make sure that each experience is comforting and memorable, and that each of our donors are well supported at every stage in the process.