How To Donate Eggs

Donating your eggs is one of life’s most generous acts. Although most people donate their eggs for altruistic reasons, as an egg donor, you will be compensated for your time and effort.

Please contact us on 0837616961 if you would like to become a donor.

Requirements to become an egg donor:

  • You must be between the ages of 19 and 30
  • You must have a normal BMI
  • You must have no family history of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
  • You are compensated R7 000 each time you donate

Egg donation is anonymous. The legislation in South Africa on egg donation is published in Chapter 8 of the National Health Act (Act no 61 of 2003). Your identity as a donor and that of your recipients are strictly confidential, and we never disclose your personal details or name.


Step 1

You can start the egg donation process by filling in your details in the contact form and we will contact you.

Step 2

You will be invited for a meeting with one of our egg donor representatives at your convenience, and a place of your choosing, to discuss the process in person. This will be an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you wish.

Step 3

After our meeting, you will be required to fill out an application form if you are interested in proceeding. This application form will include your family medical history, your physical characteristics as well as your personality profile. This application will allow us to draw up an anonymous donor profile for you.

Step 4

Once your application form for egg donation has been approved, the next step is to go for your medical screening. This includes an ultrasound, a psychological evaluation, as well as a genetic and hormone screening. This medical screening will give you valuable insight into your current health status at no cost to you. You will also see our psychologist or social worker, as we would like the process to be a fulfilling one, not just for the recipient of your eggs, but for you as well. This is done at no cost to you.

Step 5

Once all your testing and screening is complete, you will be officially accepted onto our egg donation programme.

Step 6

After you have been accepted onto our egg donation programme, prospective recipients will be able to view your donor profile. When a recipient selects you, our egg donor coordinator will be in contact with you to confirm that you are available to donate the month in which the recipient would like to have treatment.

Step 6

The final step is the preparation for the egg donation cycle. During the donation cycle, you will visit the clinic around four times over a two week period leading up to your egg retrieval. For further details, refer to our FAQs.

Further details will be discussed during the screening process and information sessions. Your comfort and safety is our top concern!