August 29, 2017

I heard about the Egg Donation SA from my sister in 2009.

In the beginning I was very skeptical about donating my eggs because I felt it was weird but after my sister did her first donation and it was a success I realized that this was an opportunity for me to help couples that are unable to conceive naturally and a chance to have a family. After my realization I contacted EDSA and got the ball rolling.

I did my first donation in June 2009 and my recipient conceived Triplets. This news made me feel like a winner I was able to give someone more than they asked for and knew in my heart that they are happy and fulfilled.

I then had my second donation in December this too was a success. This experience was a little different to the previous one. I produced more eggs and had to rest for two days after surgery, which was a bonus:. When I mention that I am an egg donor people always want to know how I am able to do it and response is always that you don’t get emotionally attached to your eggs because that is the same eggs that breakdown and allows you to have you monthly period every month so instead of letting it go to waste I am giving it to someone who needs it.
My family and Boyfriend are very supportive of what I do; they respect the fact that I am doing an unselfish thing to help someone who really needs it.

On harvest days the theatre ladies make you feel so comfortable and it takes away any concerns or fears I might have had when I go there. I had the opportunity to work with a different Doctor for each donation and they all have the same dedication and commitment to help the couples in need. Dr. Dannay even scheduled my appointments for 7:30am so it doesn’t affect my work schedule. This was very convenient for me even though my manager fully understood what I was doing and why and the fact that I needed to take some time off. Dr. Wiswedal was just a caring and committed to his purpose, he is very gentle and is always on time.

I am currently preparing for my 3rd donation It’s unfortunate that we are limited to only 6 Donations. If I could I would donate for as long as humanly possible or until I have a family of my own.

Egg Donation South Africa well done, you are miracle makers