August 29, 2017

I have never thought of myself as the ‘motherly’ type and so decided that I will one day not have children. On the other side of this was a very good friend of mine who had been trying to conceive for two years with no luck. I wanted to suggest surrogacy to her and in my research on it came across egg donation. Since I could not be a surrogate I decided to give donating a try with the hope that I would at least give a loving couple the joy of experiencing parenthood.

I was however in for a surprise. What I thought would be a mechanical procedure of tests, scans and dreaded needles turned out to be the most fulfilling experience with wonderful support from everyone involved. I immediately felt comfortable with EDSA and was treated to feel so special and appreciated. When I was told my first recipients were pregnant I felt over the moon and it made every needle prick worth it!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process. Keep up the wonderful work of your agency.