I have never thought of myself as the ‘motherly’ type and so decided that I will one day not have children. On the other side of this was a very good friend of mine who had been trying to conceive for two years with no luck. I wanted to suggest surrogacy to her and in my research on it came across egg donation. Since I could not be a surrogate I decided to give donating a try with the hope that I would at least give a loving couple the joy of experiencing parenthood. I was however in for a surprise. What I thought would be a mechanical procedure of tests, scans and dreaded needles turned out to be the most fulfilling experience with wonderful support from everyone involved. I immediately felt comfortable with DESA and was treated to feel so special and appreciated. When I was told my first recipients were pregnant I felt over the moon and it made every needle prick worth it! Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process. Keep up the wonderful work of your agency.

I heard about Donating Eggs South Africa from my sister. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about donating my eggs because I felt it was weird but after my sister did her first donation and it was a success I realised that this was an opportunity for me to help couples that are unable to conceive naturally and a chance to have a family. After my realisation, I contacted DESA and got the ball rolling. I did my first donation in June 2009 and my recipient conceived Triplets. This news made me feel like a winner I was able to give someone more than they asked for and knew in my heart that they are happy and fulfilled. I then had my second donation 6 months later this too was a success. This experience was a little different from the previous one. I produced more eggs and had to rest for two days after surgery, which was a bonus. When I mention that I am an egg donor people always want to know how I am able to do it and response is always that you don’t get emotionally attached to your eggs because that is the same eggs that breakdown and allows you to have your monthly period every month so instead of letting it go to waste I am giving it to someone who needs it.

Six weeks after birth, the first time we spent time alone after being cushioned and cocooned by a stream of family friends and well wishers, my son smiled. It was not his mouth, we locked eyes and his entire face lit up. The first time we were alone, the time when new mom uncertainty creeps in, he smiled and my whole being lurched forward to catch that smile. I knew then that love had new depth. In donating eggs, I hope another parent gets to experience a fraction of what I have in raising a soul. I give because I no longer need my eggs, but someone else does. I give because it seems right and because somewhere a family will understand this new depth of love.
I was searching through some job ads one day and stumbled across an ad for egg donation. It was for actually for another egg donation company and I signed up. A year after being on their books (with no successful donations), my sister joined Donating Eggs SA and recommended that I join them too. Within 2 days I had emailed EDSA and registered as a donor with them. When my first donation occurred, it couldn’t have been easier. I’m no fan of needles, but they are so small you hardly feel them. Apart from some of the usual bloating around “that” time, I felt no different from how I usually felt. When the day to donate came around, I went to the clinic and was greeted by exceptionally friendly staff. Within an hour the procedure was over and I woke up with slight discomfort which subsided within half an hour. A few weeks later they called me to tell me that the donation was successful and that the recipient was pregnant with twins! I was (and still am) absolutely elated and so proud that I had a hand in helping a couple start a family that they possibly would have not had otherwise – and I would definitely donate again!

I first heard about donating my eggs from a friend of mine, who told me a lot about it. Initially I think I did it just for the experience of it, but after my first donation it became a lot more than that for me.I was adopted and my mother who adopted me can’t have children, and as much as I know she loves me, I know she would have loved to have had children of her own. For me it became more like a gift for women who were struggling to have children, like my mother did.The first time I donated it was actually quite an emotional thing for me seeing the eggs during scans and knowing that I was giving a piece of my DNA away to someone else, I almost wanted to keep them for myself, as all of this actually made me feel quite broody.I have donated 6 times, and all very quickly I guess I was very lucky in the sense that I was always a very reliable donor, 5 of my recipients fell pregnant and I always had lots of eggs. This all together was one of the most amazing things I think I have ever done for anyone and I am proud that I had the opportunity to do this, I just wish I could still do this for more women but unfortunately I am only allowed to donate 6 times. I wish all my recipients the best of luck with their amazing little gifts of life and I am very sure you will all be fantastic parents.

I chose to give the gift of a child to a complete stranger and every day when I look into my own children’s eyes I know I made the right choice.10 years ago I was told I would never have children. The news shattered me! I would never realise my childhood fantasy of one day being a little girl’s Mommy! For as far back as I can remember I have known that my life’s purpose is to be a mother, and the mere notion that I would never know what it felt like to have life growing inside of me absolutely hurt me to my core!

Being a part of the Egg Donation South Africa family has really shown me what true compassion and understanding is. Giving a part of what you own physically is no easy feat, but giving a part of what fundamentally is your own person, your soul and gift of life is the greatest thing any human can do.Working with the team at EDSA ;I was treated with nothing but respect and learnt that not all of us are so lucky, as a species we need to learn to share, to give so that others may part take in the joys of family, love and happiness. Thank you EDSA for showing me that the gift of life is priceless and that it should not be taken for granted.

I spent much of my late teenage years worrying about falling pregnant, as the last thing I wanted was to have a baby – then or ever. This got me thinking about the unfairness of the situation: I, who was presumably perfectly fertile, worried about an unwanted pregnancy while other women ached to conceive a baby. When I obtained some information about egg donation, I was thrilled to discover that my “donation” would be of great help to others.The operation itself was… well, it was easy, and I was surprised to find that I was not in pain, just happily drowsy from the anaesthetic.My experience has shown me how much joy a conception after years of waiting can bring to a couple, and I am deeply grateful to be a part of that.
Thank you for allowing me to donate through Donating Eggs SA. I think it’s one of the best and most professional experiences I’ve had. I wouldn’t change anything and everyone there is so friendly and accommodating. Keep up the amazing work.
Choosing DESA for my egg donation procedure was the best decision I ever made. You guys are so professional, friendly and caring. Your service is the best and will definitely recommend you to others.


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