You may be wondering why on earth this week’s images across our Social Media platforms have been in dedication to the pineapple?  Not only has pineapple art taken Social Media by storm, with almost anyone posting images of their idyllic getaways with a random pineapple poking out somewhere in the frame, but it has earned many a symbolic meaning along the way.


But first, let’s take a step back into history; why and how did the pineapple find itself to be so popular? And even today, not only on Social Media but in home decor, artwork and design too!   Well we did a bit of digging in the old trusty Google universe, and it turns out that it started waaaaay back in 1493, when Christopher Columbus brought the pineapple back with him to the New World!  The fruit, with its delicious and succulent taste, as well as its rather unique appearance, gained immediate popularity, and from that moment on, it was one of the most highly sought-after tradable commodities in Europe; this would be the case for the next 200 years!


Back then, due to the absence of a local supply and the increasing demand, only affluent hosts could afford to offer it to their guests, and from there, the pineapple became a universal symbol of kindness, hospitality, friendship and warmth for many centuries; BUT the phenomenon of the pineapple that is taking the world by storm nowadays, is to us a little more meaningful…


The TTC community (Trying to Conceive) have adopted the pineapple as their symbol of luck, because of the kindness, friendship, and warmth that the TTC community offer one another, as there is a really unique bond formed with women who are walking in the same muddy trenches of infertility!


Besides the important and wonderful TTC community symbolism that the pineapple holds, it is also just awesome for our bodies!  So we have listed a number of pineapple health benefits below for you:


  • Immune system Booster:
    • Pineapples contain half of the daily-recommended dose of vitamin C. Vit-C is a primary antioxidant that fights cell damage, and is a major fighter against heart disease and joint pain.


  • Bone strength:
    • Pineapples contain 75% of the daily-recommended value of the mineral manganese, which is essential in developing strong bones and connective tissue and can assist in preventing osteoporosis in women!


  • Digestion:
    • Pineapples (like most fruits) contains dietary fibre, which is essential for gut-health. But unlike many other fruits and veg, pineapple contains significant amounts of bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein which assists with your digestion.


  • Anti-Inflammatory benefits:
    • Pineapples can help reduce severe inflammation alongside gut issues.


  • Blood clot reduction:
    • Because of their bromelain levels, pineapples can help reduce excessive coagulation of the blood. This is why pineapple is a fantastic snack for frequent fliers and people at risk for blood clots.


  • Common cold and sinus inflammation
    • In addition to having lots of vitamin C, pineapple’s bromelain may help reduce mucus in the throat and nose.  So if you have a prickly cough or a common cold, try some pineapple chunks.  It has also been known to work wonders with allergies!



Our wonderful recipients and our egg donors are a very important part of what we do, but so too are the TTC community who support women with fertility issues. And although, our donors, may not be in the same muddy trenches battling alongside our recipients, our donors are often the main reasons that recipients can find their way out of darkness and into the light!


So in support of the TTC community, please consider donating your eggs, as that to us is the ultimate symbol of love, kindness, friendship, and warmth. You are instrumental to the TTC sisterhood, and you are cherished.   We love our pineapples, but we do love you more!


If you have ANY questions regarding donating your eggs, please do not hesitate to contact us here.


Love DESA x