As a potential egg donor, you have the opportunity to help an infertile couple fulfill their dream of starting their own family.  But do you understand why donor eggs are sometimes the only option for some women?  And why YOU as an egg donor are so important?  Before we get to that though,  it is necessary for you to come to grips with why a recipient needs you, and also for you to understand, that as an egg donor, you are so special to families in need, and you are extremely special to us!

What Causes Infertility?

We have spoken about infertility in blogs before, but in order for you to make the decision to donate your eggs, it is important to understand why women cannot fall pregnant naturally.

There isn’t one specific cause of infertility. A woman may be able to carry a baby during pregnancy, but the quality of her eggs or her ovaries prevent conception. Other times, there are a multitude of issues affecting a woman’s ability to conceive; genetics, age, poor egg quality, ovarian issues are just some of the issues women face. And sadly, in some cases, a couple will never get the real answer as to why they cannot fall pregnant.  

It is an extremely difficult and emotional decision for a couple to agree on finding another solution. The decision for a woman or couple to use donor eggs usually comes after many failed attempts of falling pregnant using their own eggs.  And many times, this decision is made after numerous miscarriages which is extremely traumatic for couples.  

For some women, the choice of falling pregnant is immediately taken away because of ovarian conditions.  Up to 1% of women suffer from Premature Ovarian Failure and what this means is that a woman’s ovaries stop functioning long before they should, with their egg supply decreasing rapidly.  

Another factor that could decrease a woman’s chances of falling pregnant is cancer treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can seriously damage the ovaries and other reproductive organs, which means often cancer survivors who are hopeful mommy-to-be’s, rely heavily on donor eggs.  

Facts About Becoming an Egg Donor

To qualify as an egg donor, you need to be between the ages of 18 – 29 years of age and of healthy BMI. This is not because of vanity by the way,  it is crucial to have all our egg donors under the age of 30.

But why?  A woman’s body will release the best available egg each month during the first ovulation, and unfortunately, by the time a woman reaches her thirties, her egg reserves start to take a dip and at this point too, her eggs are of poorer quality than the eggs she has released over the past 20 years!

Once your egg donor application form has been approved, the next step is to go for your medical screening, which includes an ultrasound, a psychological evaluation, as well as a blood test. You will see our psychologist or social worker, as we would like the process to be a fulfilling one, not just for the recipient of your eggs, but for you as well. Your full screening as well as counselling, is done at no cost to you.  You will also be compensated R7,000 for your efforts.



Egg donors have the power to make family dreams come true for so many people.  It truly is about giving someone the gift of life.  Our theme this week has been about celebrities opening up about their fertility struggles, which we have found extremely refreshing, as it sheds light on an issue that has long-since been a taboo and a topic that is avoided in conversations.  BUT, it is important for all women to stand together through infertility and for women to give a helping hand when we have what it takes to change lives.


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Love DESA x