Due to the popularity of all things Mind-Body-Soul as the new year approaches, we decided to share some more of our tips from our Festive Season survival kit that will assist with boosting your natural health practice, mindfulness and nutrition; which are three of the most powerful tools we have to do just that:

(for tips #1 – #5: please refer to previous blog)

Tip # 6: Go raw!

If you feel your body is in dire need of a cleanse and healing, pick a week a month where you consume only raw foods!  You will immediately see and feel the difference. Some benefits of going raw are:

  • Going raw will ensure your creative juices are put to use into the kitchen
  • Grocery shopping will be much more fun as you will be buying all sorts of ingredients for exotic salads and amazing smoothies/juices.
  • Eating food made with love (from your own kitchen) means you are consuming healthier ingredients and saving you money long-term!
  • Going raw will give you more insight into any food intolerances you might have.
  • You will be put of processed food for life!  
  • Once you start enjoying a clean diet and you start to not only feel more alive and energetic, but you will notice your skin improve and your weight shift down a gear or three!
  • Sugar cravings will disappear and you will opt more for natural sweetness found in fruit or vegetables!

Tip # 7: Yoga

Yoga has been shown to greatly help promote general relaxation and reduce anxiety, stress and depression.  Yoga can regulate hormonal imbalances, increase circulation and stimulation of both female and male reproductive organs.  Here are key benefits of yoga:

  • Yoga reduces stress
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • FY regulates hormonal imbalances
  • FY increases flexibility and makes your mind and body stronger, healthier and happier

Tip # 8 – Mindfulness & Meditation

Practising mindfulness
and the art of meditation can also help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Mindfulness and meditation are two techniques that affect your mood and how you feel about yourself, and help to improve your mental wellbeing.

We work very closely with Dr Lulu Beyers, of The White Lotus. Dr Beyers is a natural health practitioner and has degrees in both Natural Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (incorporating Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapy), and has extensive experience in treating gynaecological/hormonal disorders.

The White Lotus Studios in Cape Town have wonderful therapies/practitioners available, all under one roof.  Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Massage, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Psychotherapy, Pilates, Yoga (Kundalini, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa) and Mindfulness Meditation courses.

Tip # 9:  Super – Fruit – Juice your life!

Super-Fruits such as pineapples, watermelon,  blueberries, strawberries, citrus fruits, bananas, acai fruit, kiwi, avocado, to name a few, pack a mean nutrient punch, and have super-powers such as:

  • Assists with bone strength
  • Assists with digestion
  • Pineapples have anti-Inflammatory benefits
  • Assists with blood clot reduction
  • Common cold and sinus inflammation

For more information regarding the super-powers of the pineapple, please refer to our blog posted a while back on www.donatingeggssouthafrica.co.za/why-the-pineapple

Experiment with different fruits and enjoy the benefits of adding fresh juices to your life!

Tip # 10:  Get outside!

Nothing frees the soul and the mind quite like the outdoors – so get outside for a walk along the beach or through a forest nearby, or even to a local park that you love.  Just leave the confines of your own walls and mind for just an hour a day!

We hope you enjoyed our top ten Festive Season Survival tips over the past two weeks!  

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Love DESA x