For most of us, this week marks the official week back to the everyday slog that is (as Rihanna puts it  “WERK, Werk, werk”!  School is back, reality hits us at full force, and now, there is nothing to look forward to again until maybe Easter!  And, let’s face it, it sucks!  Cue….the January blues!  


Believe it or not, the January blues are a real thing and nearly everyone gets them for the first couple of weeks of the year.  January is a massive jump from the chaotic fun-filled party life in December as we now found ourselves in a much more serious and pressurised new year!  Resolutions are looming, life is dull and we are starting to get the credit card bills from December!


Let’s face it.  January is a “Billy-no-mates” month, with everyone detoxing and broke, and to make life even more hellish, your feed on Facebook is inundated with never-ending gym pics, gloating achievements and the non-stop “New Year means NEW ME” inspirational quotes, leaving you feeling even MORE depressed about January!


We know how difficult this month can be; we completely get it!  And so, bearing this in mind, we really want to take some time out to share our favourite tips on how to boost your happy mood and to get rid of the January blues once and for all:  



We all dread that first session in the gym after the festive season, however, it is a proven fact that exercise can rid you of any mild to moderate depression; exercise releases endorphins and endorphins are your happy hormones!  The release of endorphins reduces your stress levels too, so a mere 30 minutes of activity a day will not only make you feel great, but it will start eating away at that January muffin-top that developed during the festive season.


Eat Food Made With LOVE:

We have spoken about this in previous blogs, but will reiterate this point, as it is so vitally important to nourish your body with food you have prepared lovingly, yourself.  Convenience or instant meals are high in sugars, salt and (bad) fats, with all sorts of additives and preservatives that play havoc with your insides.


Veggies such as cabbage and broccoli, as well as Omega-3 fats such as oily fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna), flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds are all good sources of “good mood” foods.  So make sure to add plenty of leafy green veg and omega-3 fats to your diet.


To keep your metabolism running like clockwork, make sure you eat 5-6 small meals a day.  Never skip a meal and keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.


Plan a Holiday or Fun Events:

This tip is one of our favourite January blues remedies!  Nothing makes the soul shine again quite like planning a holiday or fun events with friends!


Create a whatsapp group for all your besties and plan out fun stuff to do every month!  The anticipation and build-up to anything fun will really lift your mood and it is something you can look forward to.  


Get Social:

Following on from the above point, studies have linked psychological wellbeing to socialising.  Even if in January the last thing you feel like is going out, set up a gathering amongst good friends!  You will be surprised how good you feel once you are out and about.


Get Outside:

Never underestimate the power of vitamin D and the great outdoors. It is a fact that just stepping outside for a few minutes can improve your mood.  As soon as you start to feel stressed or like the walls are starting to close in on you, just take a deep breath and take a walk.  The world is not going to end if you take a 5 minute time-out.  You will feel SO much better when you get back, and you will have a clear head space to crack on with work or life!



Take advantage of January to focus 100% on yourself. Use the time to reflect on what you want most for yourself over the next year. Progress takes time, and anyone boasting about their January accomplishments is probably not telling the whole truth!

Set aside some “YOU” time where you can read your favourite book, listen to your favourite tunes or just have time to be still. Get in touch with your spiritual self and find balance and grounding. When you release anxiety and you allow yourself to be free from the “fight or flight” mode, answers and decisions fall on your lap naturally and life starts to make more sense.


Look Outside Yourself To Those In Need:
When you perform acts of kindness and giving to those in need of help, you feel fulfilled and worthy.  At this time of year, there are hundreds of charities and organizations where you can contribute or volunteer.  


Here at DESA, we are always looking for amazing egg donors for potential families desperate to start a family, so if this is something that you are able to do, please consider helping those in need.  We are on standby to answer any questions you may have about donating your eggs so call us today!


With the above tips, we know that you will feel SO much better about everything.  Use this month for some true self-reflection. Be really honest with yourself about why you are feeling down and take steps to change your mindset and direction. Consider both your physical and emotional reactions to situations and begin to carve out a positive way of life!

Happy 2018!
Love DESA x