This sequence is the third sequence in Fertility Yoga cycle, and is designed to be the more delicate phase of your cycle. For many women, on the journey to conception and ovulation, there is a lot of anxiety and stress, hormonally and emotionally. This sequence aims to reduce stress and restore your mind and body to its natural state.

A powerful sequence to soothe the body, mind and nervous system while bringing the optimum health and blood-flow to your reproductive organs.

The Ovulatory & Luteal Phase is for post ovulation and post IVF transfer, and is designed to support the implantation of a fertilized egg.  Again, these poses are gentle and assist with creating space within the womb. This sequence promotes optimal blood-flow to the reproductive organs and supports emotional harmony and relaxation within the body.

  • Please Note: After implantation, check with your Doctor that this form of yoga is appropriate for you. I recommend you wait a minimum of 2 days after implantation before commencing this practice.  
  • If you would just like to take it easy and wish to focus on meditation only, Reclined butterfly / Viparita Karani, can be a wonderful pose.

Opening Meditation

  • Come into Savasana with a Pillow/ Bolster under your knees and a blanket over your womb/lower belly
  • Turn your palms to face the sky so you are open to receiving whatever it is that you are asking for in your life right now
  • Close your eyes, and begin to breathe slow and deep breaths
  • Notice your belly rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation
  • Feel your heartbeat, feel the warmth it creates in your chest and how it brightens and warms your chest area, as if you are radiating from within
  • Once you have visualized this warmth in your chest, gather it up and send this warmth down to your womb space
  • As you send this warmth down, notice your womb softening and becoming receptive
  • Begin to visualize your newly fertilized egg nestling into your wall lining and settling there
  • Feel your uterine walls softly open,  ready to envelope this bright seed of life resting there
  • Visualize the warmth from your heart pouring over this seed, encapsulating it with love
  • See your egg and uterus hugging each other and the pulse of love and health radiating outward from the egg to your entire womb
  • Feel the magic of life unfolding as you welcome this being into your body

Seated Cross-Legged Body Circles

  • As you rise slowly, come to a seated position
  • Keep the eyes closed as you continue to visualise warmth and light flowing into your womb, breathing slow deep breaths
  • As you begin to rotate your torso, and with your hands on knees, begin to draw a circle over your body with your chin
  • As you rotate, feel your hips begin release all tension, whilst increasing the blood-flow and nutrients to your pelvis

Repeat 5-10 times, rotating each way

Upavista Konasana with Bolster

  • This pose encourages circulation to the womb and ovaries while releasing tension in the hips
  • The forward fold with your head resting on the bolster (or chair) allows a calm mind and a resting nervous system
  • Take deep breaths and feel your ‘sit’ bones pushing down while feel supported and nourished
  • Notice your belly soften and feel your body welcoming new life
  • keep focusing on your breath and visualizations of new life

Hold for 3-10 minutes  

Reclined Butterfly with Humming Bee Breath

  • The humming bee breath draws you deeply into yourself, allowing for reflection and stillness
  • Hum with your mouth closed, do as many rounds with your pose
  • The pose opens and relaxes the pelvic area, releases tension, creating softness while increasing circulation throughout the abdomen
  • Take your time to surrender yourself to the earth, once again feeling supported
  • As you breathe, visualize warmth filling your womb and enveloping the embryo

Hold for 3-10 minutes

Child’s Pose

  • This pose calms your nervous system, balances your endocrine system and helps reduce blood pressure
  • Child’s pose is also extremely soothing and nurturing for your mind and body
  • Let yourself melt into the pillow beneath you as you continue to breathe in warmth, welcoming love into womb
  • Send the words ‘love’ to that space

Hold for 3 – 10 minutes

Join me again next week when I will take you through Part-Two of this sequence.


With Love, Light and blessings

Leigh Journey OM

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